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//  Origin:  San Diego, CA + Manchester, UK
//  Genres:  Alternative Rock
//  Years Active:  2018 - Present
//  Label:  Independent
//  Website:
Short Bio
There is no need to “fret”… rock is alive and well. British-American 4-piece, The Frets, are proof that indeed - energetic guitar based rock is here to stay. 


The Frets truly are a modern day rock band, a testament to how technology can bring together a group across two countries and four cities. "We formed through the world of Instagram, Facebook and late night craigslist" guitarist/producer Cody Seeger explains. "3/4 of us were transplants, with similar taste in music and a passion to make high energy rock music that will make you bounce."


The band currently calls Southern California (San Diego/L.A.) home - although front man, Liam Wilkes, hails from Manchester, UK. “The majority our influence comes from British Rock bands like - Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Kooks, etc.” vocalist-guitarist Liam Wilkes says. 


The Frets got their start in Mid 2018 when five time Grammy nominated producer, Billy Smiley, invited the band to Record their debut EP at Castle Recording Studios in Nashville. The nearly two year old group is set for a highly anticipated new EP in April 2021 - following singles in December and February.





Label: Independent 

Management: Self



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